Sunday, May 15, 2022

Python: Financial Functions (2nd Edition)

Python:  Financial Functions (2nd Edition)

This is an update to the python file, which I first released on May 17, 2020:

I am able to transfer and test the python file to a Numworks calculator through the online editor, and TI-84 Plus CE Python through the TI Connect CE.  Because only the math module is used, the python file can be run in most, if not all calculators with Python, as well as Python 3.  

What is included?

*  time value of money calculations

*  net present value and internal rate of return

*  net present value (xnpv) and internal rate of return (xirr) when periods between flows are not consistent, a 365 day-year is assumed

*  simple interest:  calculating interest, total, and solving for principal

*  profit calculations: cost-sell-markup

*  adding sales tax

*  percent change

*  present and future value uniform stream factors

*  compound interest calculations of a single stream:  solve for present value, future value, number of periods, and periodic interest

*  days between dates

*  specific applications:  monthly payment, PITI, qualifying loan amount, sinking fund, expressing a list of amounts as a percent of the sum, prorating an amount among a list of flows

Download the Python file and the instructions (pdf file) here:

Size: about 3,800 bytes.  


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