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Casio Graphing Calculators: Equation Variables

Casio Graphing Calculators: Equation Variables


Most modern Casio graphing calculators have an Equation solver mode that solves linear systems (Simultaneous), polynomials (Polynomial), and general equations.

To find run Equation mode, press [ MENU ] { A }*.

(*Equation mode is currently option A (fx-9750GIII, fx-CG 50, fx-CG 10/20, fx-9860 Slim))

Simultaneous Equations: SimRes and SimCoef

The simultaneous equation mode solves linear systems up to 6 x 6. The coefficients of the equations are stored in the variable Sim Coef (labeled SimCoef in VARS-EQUATION menu) while the results are stored in the variable Sim Result (labeled SimRes).

Polynomials: PlyRes and PlyCoef

The polynomial equation mode solves polynomials with real coefficients up to degree 6 (3 in early graphing models). The coefficients of the polynomial are stored in the variable Poly Coef (labeled PolyCoef in the VARS-EQUATION menu) while the results are stored in the variable Poly Result (labeled PolyRes).

Accessing Equation Variables Outside of Equation Mode

The four equation variables can be recalled by pressing [ VARS ], [ F6 ] { > }, [ EQUA ] { F3 }.

F1: SimRes (S·Rlt on older models)

F2: SimCoef (S·Cof on older models)

F3: PlyRes (P·Rlt on older models)

F4: PlyCof (P·Cof on older models)

The four variables are read-only matrices. We can not store values or information to read-only variables.

If we want to extract specific values from the equations variables, we must store them into a Matrix variable (A – Z, θ). For example, to retrieve the number from the 1st row and column of Sim Coef:

Sim Coef → Mat A

Mat A[1,1]

We can execute operations on equation variables. An interesting check is to run the simultaneous solver of the variable by typing:

Rref Sim Coef

and reading the last column.

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