Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What a Find!

Last Sunday at the Azusa Swap Meet, I purchased the HP-28C and HP-48GX calculators for less than $10. What a lucky day. The batteries cost more than the calculators.

Since I do not have much time, here is some info on these beauties:

MOHPC Page - HP 28C/S

* Battery compartment was a struggle to open.
* Only 1,614 bytes of memory (net) on the 28C. More than the Casio fx-7000GA, but less than the Texas Instruments TI-81 (2,400 bytes).
* However, the 28C does come with algebraic and calculus commands. :)

MOHPC - HP 48 Page

* This will go in my collection of 48s: 48SX, 48G (dog chewed in a corner LOL), 49g+ (both bad and good keyboard), 50g

Pictures below.



  1. I picked up a TI-86 last weekend at a yard sale for $6. It was a good day.

  2. Skeletor, I think that is what I paid for a TI-86 several years ago. Good bargain. Eddie

  3. You beat me...I was walking through a local flea market the other day and found a 48GX with box and all papers. Everything was mint except the box, and two initials on the soft protective pouch/cover. It was ticketed 25$ and I didn't even blink, just bought it.


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