Saturday, January 26, 2013

Speed Test - Casio Calculators

Hi everyone! Today I am blogging from home.

Last time I posted a speed test for various Texas Instruments, which you can go to by clicking on this link.

For each calculator, I timed how long does the calculator take until it "counts down" from 2013 to 0. I ran the program on each calculator twice.

The Program TEST2013

2013 → A
Lbl 1
A - 1 → A
A > 0 ⇒ Goto 1 : 1

The program returns 1 when completed.

For the Casio ClassPad 330, I had to modify the program a bit, as the ⇒ symbol means "store" (instead of "jump") for the ClassPad.

TEST2013 for ClassPad 330:
2013 ⇒ a
Lbl one
a - 1 ⇒ a
If a > 0
Goto one


I will start from the oldest made model. Thanks to and Wikipedia for the dates.

fx-7000GA (1990): 31.11 sec, 30.89 sec
(The fx-7000GA is as close to the original 7000G as I will probably get).

fx-6300G (1991): 38.91 sec, 38.90 sec

CFX-9850G (1997): 28.58 sec, 28.00 sec

fx-9750G Plus (2002): 28.50 sec, 28.44 sec

fx-3650P (2002) Solar Powered: 3 min 6 sec, 3 min 6.31 sec

ClassPad 330, Operating System 3.04.4000 (2007): 35.89 sec, 36.01 sec

Prizm (fx-CG 10) (2010), Operating System 1.04.3200 : 9.53 sec, 9.44 sec
(I am very happy with this!)

Note that the fx-3650P is a solar powered-calcualtor. I had no idea that this model was released in 2002. I had to get it from eBay, as it is not sold in stores in the United States.

I did not test any of the modern fx-9860g family (GII, Slim, etc...), but I guess that these calculators are fast of the Prizm. From these results, it is apparent that Casio knows how to maximize their processor speed.

Next time I will review the calculator app MyScript. Until next time,


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  1. Sorry for the mostly offtopic comment, but... did you update your Prizm to OS 1.04 by yourself, or it came with that version? I'm asking because version numbers ending in .3200 are uncommon. The version usually ends with either 0200 (for fx-CG 20) or 0100 (for fx-CG 10). There's only one another calculator I know of with that 3200 version - you have something rare it seems.

    And about your statement on Casio maximizing the processor speed, well it certainly isn't completely true for the Prizm... people who are involved in development for these calculators know that the CPU runs at a way lower speed than what it could run. In many situations (mainly involving graphics and text displaying) the Prizm is even slower than the fx-9860G family, because of its high-definition screen.

  2. gbl,

    I rechecked the version on the Prizm I have and it is OS 01.04.3200. I honestly do not recall updating the OS in the two years that I owned it.



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