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HP35S Music Pitch: Next Half-Step Up and Down

HP35S Music Pitch: Next Half-Step Up and Down

Source: "Sourcebook for Programmable Calculators" Texas Instruments (TI-58/59) - 1978 (,I believe, apologize if get the year wrong)

next pitch = original pitch * (twelfth root of 2) ≈ original pitch * 1.05946309436

Pitch is in HZ (Hertz)

256 Hz one octave lower than Middle C
512 Hz Middle C
1024 Hz one octave higher than Middle C

Steps: C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B

HP35S Program:
Next half-step up: pitch, XEQ M001
Next half-step down: pitch, XEQ M009
Repeat each step with R/S, stop whenever you like

M001 LBL M
M002 2
M003 12
M004 1/x
M005 y^x
M006 *
M007 R/S
M008 GTO M001
M009 2
M010 12
M011 1/x
M012 y^x
M013 ÷
M014 R/S
M015 GTO M009

Program made on 4/27/2013

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