Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Customized Portable Math Reference

Do you always use a formula that you just can't remember in your head? Or want to carry around a certain amount of facts that are tailored to your applications? Here is a way to do it without having to "lug" around a reference book or having to switch applications on your portable device: portable math cards. The best part is they are 100% customizable. And three to five cards are relatively easy to carry in your pocket. (Yeah I know it is low-tech - I just wanted to try this and see who it works.)

All that is needed are some 3 x 5 index cards, some scissors, and a several plastic baseball card protectors. The index cards are cut to fit the inside of the baseball card protectors. I write on one side of the card, but writing on both side of the cards work.

The cards contain whatever information you want. For me, I have six cards covering, among other things, basics of electronics, horizontal curves, days between dates formula, some geometric and trigonometric facts.

The point is to create easy to access information without having to either dig through a defense book or apps. Below are pictures of my cards. If you find this idea to be helpful, awesome.

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