Thursday, May 21, 2015

Review: QuickGraph+ for iOS

App Information:
App: QuickGraph+
Platform: iOS
Created by KZLabs
Programmers: Alex Restrepo, Alejandro Montoya
Testing: José Betancur
Graphics: Giovanni Mojica
Twitter: @quickgraph

Cost: $1.99 (I purchased it on 2015-05-18). There is a free version, which has a limited function set, but I am going to review the paid app.

Version in Review: 2.5.4

Key Features:

* Graph functions, inequalities, polar, spherical, cylindrical, and implicit statements in 2D and 3D.

* You can save graphs to the Camera roll, as well as use them in emails or tweets.

* Including the variable n in the expression will allow a dynamic graph. You can set he limits to n and the amount of steps between the limits.

* 2D functions, in the form of y=f(x), can be traced (tap the function and hold). When two or more functions are graphed, and one of them is traced, QuickGraph+ displays roots and intersections where appropriate. This is automatic.

What I Like the Most:

* Pressing the nine-square icon will bring up the table. This is available for the 2D graphs only.

* Derivative of functions can be graphed and symbolic analyzed. We can take the following derivatives d/dx, d/dy, and d/dz. To see the symbolic analyzation, press the blue circular icon with the ellipsis (...). On the iPod Touch/iPhone version, a step by step analysis is shown.

* Speaking of analysis, you can enter numerical expressions and they will be automatically analyzed. Just press the [ + ] button and enter the expression. In this sense, this is a scientific calculator.

* You can store functions and graph statements in the app's built in library. The library is stocked with several graph statements when you download QuickGraph+ for the first time. The library is accessed by pressing the book icon. Graphs that are active are listed on top, and those not already stored can be by pressing the small book icon next to them.

* The modulus function (mod), can work with any real number, not just positive integers.

Being Nit Picky?

* Not being able to trace polar functions like regular functions.

* Not being able to trace functions that contain n or be analyzed.

Wish List:

* The ability to plot parametric functions, both in 2D and 3D.


This is a fun app and you can graphically explore functions, patterns, and inequalities. Sharing graphs is a plus. Not a bad way to spend $1.99!


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