Sunday, February 21, 2016

Scientific Calculator Keyboard Challenge II

Feeling creative?  Ever dreamed of the perfect calculator?  Here is a chance to design a calculator.  It can cover any part of mathematics you want:

*  Scientific
*  Financial
*  Programming/Graphing
*  Algebraic and/or RPN (Reverse Polish Notation)

Or if you want to go a specialized route, like Calculated Industries, consider:

*  Construction
*  Unit Conversion
*  Gaming
*  Geometry Applications
*  Civil Engineering
*  Physics 
*  Astronomy
*  Stock Market
*  Common Every Day Applications

It can be any combination!

*  The keyboard must be used, including the arrow keys.  Assume that the calculator will have the necessary screen size.  You have 16 blank keys, of course, you can/should consider using shift and alpha keys.
*  The keyboard has a double-wide Enter key.  RPN and Hewlett Packard fans rejoice!
*  The marked keys must remain.  

Other than that, go wild!  Leave your creation in the comments.  

Have fun!


P.S. If you want another design, I had a post where you designed a calculator keyboard using only 25 keys.  The link is here:

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  1. On a slightly different note, regarding the perfect (beautifully laid out) scientific calculator, —in my dreams I would love to see this elegant HP as a scientific calculator:

    The two shift keys would serve to put a lot of functions in the limited keyboard space; I would never put it down. . .

    /Silicon Valley Regards

    1. Yes - two shift keys can put a lot of functions. A key is to not have it look crowded. Color choice is also important. I like how the HP 10bII/ HP 15C handles two shift keys: one shifted function at the top, one at the bottom.

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