Sunday, August 14, 2016

Back to School: Survival Sheet for Algebra and Pre-Calculus (Trigonometry)

Back to School:  Survival Sheet for Algebra and Pre-Calculus (Trigonometry)

These are common topics found in algebra and pre-calculus classes.  You can download a pdf version of each.  I hope you find this helpful not only in classes but beyond.





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  1. Outstanding. Very helpful for my students. I will use this.

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  3. In Hungary in the middle schools (14...18 years) the students are uses a mandatory book which is a great collection in topics of mathematics, informatics, physics, chemistry:

    ("Négyjegyű függvénytáblázatok" approx. means "Calculation tables for four digits", but this book is covers more than simple tables for trigonometrics, square roots, etc...)

    This book is usable in exams in middle school and this book is available in every school and every classes in Hungary.

    I guess in US same books are available commonly in all clases...?!?



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