Monday, September 15, 2014

My HP Collection

In honor of HHUC 2014 coming this weekend (link:, I am going to show (most of) my collection of Hewlett Packard calculators. I love visiting websites that show their calculator collections, such as,, and

I have been collecting calculators since 1990. Here is the majority of my Hewlett Packard calculators:

Not pictured (from memory): HP 9g, HP 10b (2000s), HP 10bII+, HP 300s, HP 12C Platinum Edition, HP Calc 100 (still in its packaging), HP 15C (1980s, the emblem fell off)

Can't wait for this weekend. See you in Reno, HHUC!


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  1. Nice collection Ed. This year I added an HP Prime to my collection. Wonderful calculator.

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  3. Bonita página. Podrías facilitarme información sobre como programar la HP 33E, en pdf o como sea. Gracias, mi email


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