Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A First Look at the fx-991 EX Classwiz

Today I received a Casio fx-991 EX Classwiz which I purchased last week.  Here is a short video of both an unboxing and a demo.  I plan to a more detailed review pretty soon.



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  2. Hello Eddie!

    Thanks for this quick video regarding this new calculator from Casio.

    After doing to research I found out the the Japanese version (FX-JP900) of this calculator is the most powerful one, which includes 700 functions plus the ability to change the display language from Japanese to English.

    The american version (FX-991EX) only includes 552 functions.

    I couldn't resist it... and I order the Japanese version from Amazon!

    1. Jose,

      If you do a review on the FX-JP900 please let us know. I would love to see that model come over the U.S. I would love to see Casio release a solar-powered (if only partially solar powered) graphing/programming calculator (even if QR codes are required).



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