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Staples Binder/Ruler/Scientific Calculator Review

Staples Binder/Ruler/Scientific Calculator Review

Staples has two binder calculators:

*  Regular Calculator for $4.99.  The regular calculator comes in different colors and is sold online.

Link: http://www.staples.com/Staples-Better-Binder-Calculator/product_150007

*  Scientific Calculator for $7.99.  Model 27952.  I have yet to find this calculator sold online.

Both calculators are solar.  

This review will focus on the scientific calculator.


*  136 Function Scientific Function
*  5 inch ruler on the side of the calculator
*  Holes that will fit the calculator in a binder.  And yes, I'm happy to report that the calculator still works after being in the binder.

Function wise, the calculator is pretty much a clone of the Sharp 501-EL.  Basically the features are:

*  One line scientific calculator.  One -argument functions (trigonometric, logarithmic, exponential, square root, cube root) are executed after the number has been entered.  For example: calculate the log 1.23, press:  1.23, [log].
*  Binary, Decimal, Octal, and Hexadecimal conversions
*  The two keys,[ a ] and [ b ] serve two purposes:  polar/rectangular conversions and entering complex numbers (a + bi). 
*  The TAB function, normally called FIX, sets the number of decimals to be displayed (0-9), with the decimal point representing floating mode.
*  Three angle mode toggle:  Degrees > Radians > Grads
*  "Straight-forward" percent key.

I would include statistics but unfortunately, when I tried to activities statistics mode, the calculator just clears itself.  

The keyboard is very interesting but it looks like a standard 2-line scientific calculator.  However, what would normally be the arrow keys are all the trigonometric keys and the hyperbolic function.  I thought it was a nice touch deviating from the norm.

However, the some of the keys require more pressure for the key to activate.  I found this to be for the [ - ] key, as well as the [ a ], [ b ], and [2ndF] keys.  You really can't type on the keyboard quickly.  

The manual is nice.  Though it is a fold-out manual, the fold-out only expands to 3 pages, and you can easily divide the manual in half.  The font is also readable, which I appreciate.  There is one typo I have to point out:

On page 9 for the memory example, [CE] should replace [ON/C].  [ON/C] clears the memory and resets into Decimal/Floating Mode.  [CE] just clears the entry.  

Final Thoughts

If you buy this calculator (Staples 27952), the best features are that this calculator can be carried in a binder and the ruler/straight edge comes in handy.  Overall, the keyboard is so-so and the [2ndf] [ON/C] not turning the statistics mode makes the calculator feel incomplete.  I will still keep it in the collection, if only for the novelty.

I have no opinion on the regular, non-scientific calculator, but I'm sure it would score better than this scientific model.


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