Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mathematical Art with the HP Prime and TI-84 CE (December 13, 2015 edition)

Mathematical Art with the HP Prime and TI-84 Plus CE (December 13, 2015 edition)

Math is not only fun but can also be creative.  If you want to know I did these plots, please leave a comment below.  Enjoy and best always,


HP Prime: Linear Waves

TI -84 Plus CE:  The Arms of Sine

TI-84 Plus CE: Icicles

HP Prime:  Fire From the Flask

TI-84 Plus CE:  Pyramid Illusion

TI-84 Plus CE:  Circular Illusion

HP Prime: Folium Roller Coaster

HP Prime:  Mantra Tiles
This was inspired by this morning's visit to Mantra Coffee in Azusa, CA

The last graphic was inspired by a visit to the Mantra Coffee Company in Azusa, CA (  

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