Friday, November 3, 2017

HP Prime: User Key: Building a list of Templates

HP Prime:  User Key:  Building a list of Templates


You can assign a custom menu to a user key.  The program TEMPLATES assigns a list of functions to the templates key (the key to the right of the Toolbox key, key 18 I believe). 

When this program is completed, you call the custom menu by pressing [Shift], [Help] (User), [template key]. 

Choose a function or command.  Whatever you choose will be inserted into the entry line.  This user key works in program editing as well.

HP Prime Program:  TEMPLATES

Note:  I do not have a main “TEMPLATES” program block.  In terms of making a custom menu like this, it is not necessary.

// a custom menu
// 2017 EWS

KEY K_Templ()
LOCAL str,lst,cst,ch;
// templates

// choose list


RETURN lst(ch);


This is one of my favorite programs because now I will be able to quickly access functions that would take additional keystrokes and with the App specific functions, dealing with dynamic menus.  I encourage this type of custom menu for other functions and commands you frequently use from the catalog.  Try it.  Please let me know how it goes.


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