Thursday, October 2, 2014

PCalc 3.3: Some of the new features

One of my favorite iOS calcualtor apps is PCalc by James Thompson. Recently, PCalc received an update to Version 3.3. Here are some of the new features:

If you Handoff, the PCalc will allow you to start calculations on one iOS device and transfer it to another. You will need Bluetooth and a cloud account.

Another new feature is the ability to turn operator precedence off. Do that and the PCalc operates like a basic four function calculator, with scientific functions. In this mode, be careful what order of keys you press as every operation affects the number in the display. The option of turning operator precedence is available when RPN mode is turned off.

And now for my favorite new feature: customizable keyboards. Each of the keyboards, one that shown when the iOS device is in portrait orientation and one that is shown in landscape orientation, can be individually customized. Each key can activate functions, user created programs, and access to option menus. The keyboard has two planes: one for "first" functions and one for functions that are acessed by press on the 2nd key. If you want keys to have two functions, then you will need to create a key for each plane. You can also change the size of each key, give the key a custom name, and change the font size of each key. Colors of the keys themselves are still determined by the theme you select in the app's options.

Additional new features include widget notification and an expanded list of Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts. PCalc is currently sold for $9.99 in the App Store.


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