Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Ruler Calculator, Upcoming Equation Library Program for HP Prime, Calculator vs. Apps

Ruler Calculator

Shout out to Fischer Scientific!  My work had an office supplies fair yesterday.  It is not everyday that I see a ruler calculator.  I asked about how much is the ruler calculator because I wanted to order one for myself, and the nice vendor gave the ruler.  I am much appreciative!

Upcoming Equation Library Program for HP Prime

I am working an equation library program for the HP Prime, and so far I have 35 equations, and planning entering a few more.  Subjects covered include astronomy, finance, motion physics, sound, electronics, and Great Circle calculations.  I plan to release the program sometime in early April 2015 at the latest.

Calculator Apps versus Calculators (with tangible keyboards)

With the growing use of tables and smart phones, many calculator apps are available on Apple iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone) and Android devices.  Let me ask the readers: are you using calculator apps, and what is your opinion on them?  Do you have a preference between calculator apps or calculators?  

Personally, I prefer calculators that have physical keyboards.  I like the tactile feel of the keys and the fact that calculators are single purpose machines.  It also frees my iPod for other tasks.  Having said that, two of my favorite calculator apps are CalcFxC and PCalc.  Calculator apps are also an excellent source of providing emulators of classic calculators.  

Readers, I wish you the best, and have a great day!  Thank you for following, visiting, and commenting.  


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  1. I agree: Physical keyboards beats touch screen keyboards. I personally use an old HP-15C at work (also have the new, but prefer the old). For me it is superior to any other calculator. I chose it primarily due to its form factor, but also because it is just advance enough, while still being simple to use. I do have a HP-50G (and a few others); but If I need to do anything complicated than the 15C can handle, I will fire up MATLAB or similar anyway. I admire how the 15C handles complex numbers. (Imho - given the limitations of the screen - the best implementation I've found. Also - while I've never actually used it - I'm quite impressed it can do matrix calculations).

    However, recently I've found an android app that beats my trusty old 15C for quick calculations: MyScript Calculator http://www.myscript.com/calculator/ It works by changing the game and bypassing the 'key' metaphor. Instead you draw the equation as you would on paper. This makes it faster to use than my 15C.

    They've also avoided the pitfall of making it too advanced (a "feature" most android calculators often miss...): Keeping it simple reduces the problem of the text recognition and ensures it almost always guess what I try to write. However, its real strength lies in how you can enter values on BOTH sides of the equation! Writing sin(/2)=0.5 is enough, it fills in the blank and corrects the equation to sin(60/2)=0.5.


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