Sunday, March 8, 2015

HP Prime: RPN Keystroke Programming Simulator

editmacro and runmacro

Helps Screen on editmacro

Bring RPN keystroke programming to the HP Prime with editmacro and runmacro.  

Build the program with editmacro.  The result is a list of strings which make the macro.  Save the string to any variable you want.  Use runmacro to execute the string of commands.


*  Standard Scientific Functions
*  Polar and Rectangular conversions
*  Hyperbolic Functions
*  Standard Normal Distribution Lower Tail and Inverse Functions
*  Complex Number Functions: Real, Imaginary, Absolute Value, and Argument
*  20 temporary register variables which can be used within each macro.  Storage arithmetic, increment and decrement by 1 are included.
*  9 labels - subroutines one level deep
*  Six tests:  x>0?, x<0?, x=0?, x>y?, x<y?, x=y?.  They work in the classic RPN keystroke format. 

Link to download:


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