Saturday, September 12, 2015

Any Questions for a future Q & A Blog

Any Questions?

What I want to do is to compile a Q&A: anything you want to know about me or this blog.  Depending on the number of questions, I will try to answer all of your questions.   

Please leave the questions in your comments.  I'm aiming to answer the questions on a future blog around September 19.  



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  1. Hello Eddie ! I have known your blog because I bought a HP-Prime essentialy for my pleasure, not for studies or engineer work. In France, during the 80', there was big interest for calculators like Ti57/8/9, HP , etc... And... I bought this hp-prime to know how calculator is now. And your posts are very interesting to learn about it. So, I hope that you continue to post algorythms, comments, etc. I like very much this. Thank's a lot Eddie.

  2. Hi Eddie, you have an awesome blog. I found it about 6 months ago and have been a regular visitor ever since. Do you have any plans/desirers to some more advanced HP Prime tutorials?

  3. Hi Eddie, your blog is awesome. I visit your blog almost everyday since 2013. I have bought TI-84 CE-T a month ago and I found it lacks the "product" function (I do not understand why, especially when the summation is available). I decided to create a small program, unfortunately I am familiar with Casio calcs and not with TI. Can you help me with this?
    For Casio and i/3 the program is:
    Input b
    For 1->i To b Step 1
    Print pr

  4. Eddie,

    I have so many questions, but I'll hold down to just a few:

    What are your favorite calculators and what makes them special to you?
    How many calculators do you own and have you got a preference for machines from a particular era?

  5. You should publish your comments, reviews and programs in an ebook. You make playing with calculators fun.


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