Friday, September 25, 2015

HP Prime Spreadsheet App Tutorial 6: Row and Column References in Formulas

HP Prime Spreadsheet App Tutorial 6:  Row and Column References in Formulas

Lesson 6 Objectives:

* Use Row and Col in spreadsheet formulas

We can use formulas that are determined where the cell position.  Use Row for row references and Col for column references.  Be aware that Row and Col are case-sensitive.  

What value Row takes is almost obvious since rows are labeled numerically.  Columns are labeled alphabetically.  The values each column assign is:

1 for column A,
2 for column B,
3 for column C,
4 for column D,
5 for column E, and so on.

Part 1:  Build a Spreadsheet of Fibonacci Numbers with the first column of row numbers.

1.     Start by clearing the spreadsheet ( [ Shift ], [ Esc ] (Clear), (OK) ).
2.    Select the header cell for Column A.  The header cell is above cell A1.  Enter the formula =Row.
3.    Select the header cell for Column B, above B1.  Type the following formula:
=( ((1 + √5)/2)^Row – ((1 - √5)/2)^Row ) / √5

Part 2:  Build a Spreadsheet of Powers

4.     Clear the Spreadsheet.
5.    Select the upper left hand cell, with the hp logo.
6.    Type =Row^Col.

That concludes Lesson 6.  Next we will tackle using absolute references.  Have a great day,


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