Sunday, November 6, 2016

TI-84 Plus CE: OS Update

TI-84 Plus CE Update:  OS 5.2

There is a new OS for the TI-84 Plus CE:  Many thanks to Rich Grubbs who emailed me about this recent OS update.  


According to Texas Instruments, this update corrects issues found in the Sequence Mode editor.  

This is an extension of OS 5.2, which added new functions, found in the catalog:

eval(:  Evaluates an expression and returns the answer in a string format.  The expression must result in a real result.


eval(6*√11)→Str1  stores 19.899749 in Str1

eval(6*√-11)→Str1 returns an Error.  This happens even when the complex mode (a+bi or re^(θi)) is selected

toString(:  Similar to eval( but handles matrices, lists, and complex numbers.

What is nice that the Prgm, I/O command lists adds eval(, expr(, toString(, and String>Equ( to the menu, so no more scrolling through the catalog during programming.

Wait:  Pauses the program for a specified amount of seconds.  Wait is found in the Prgrm, CTL menu under option A.  As a consequence, IS>(, DS<(, etc, are pushed one command below.

Example Program:  Program TST4224
Wait 1

I plan to update the TIMER and STOPWTCH programs in short order. 

invNorm(:  This command has been updated.  You can use RIGHT, CENTER, or LEFT to determine which part of the normal curve is affected.

Example:  (With σ = 1 and μ = 0)
invNorm(.85, LEFT) returns 1.03643338
invNorm(.85, CENTER) returns {-1.439531471, 1.439531471}
invNorm(.85, RIGHT) returns -1.03643338

Caution:  LEFT, CENTER, and RIGHT are not available for invT( or invBinom(.

Sequences:  The sequence editor now allows up to two initial conditions, double deep recurring sequences. 

The example sequence shown is u(n+2) = .5*u(n) + 2*u(n+1), with u(1) = 0, u(2) = 0.5  (5 points are plotted)

Apps for the Vernier EasyData, TI-Innovator, TI Test Guard, SmartPad, and language localizations are updated. 

Source:  Cemetech  (Retrieved November 6, 2016) 

When updating, make sure you backup up and/or save your files because the update will erase everything stored in RAM.  

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