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TI-84 Plus CE: Version 5.3 Highlights

TI-84 Plus CE:  Version 5.3 Highlights

Piecewise Function

The piecewise( function is added to the Math menu under the math submenu, option B.  As a result, the equation solver has been moved to option C.  The piecewise function can hold from 1 to 5 pieces.

Conditions Template

Version 5.3 adds 16 test templates involving the variable X to the Test menu ([2nd] [math]).  This is meant to compliment the new piecewise function, especially in function graphing.  However, the variable can be changed as needed.  The screen shot below shows a condition template with a piecewise function.


Tangent Drawing Command Adds Option to Store Tangent line

When a function is drawn, you can calculate and draw the tangent line at any continuous point while you are on the graph screen.  Version 5.3 adds the option to store the Tangent line to any available graphing equation (Y# for example).  The new functionality is available only in the Function mode. 

To generate the Tangent line, press [2nd] [prgm] (draw), option 5 to call up the Tangent command.  Arrow to the desired point.  Press [graph/f5] (MENU) for options.  Select your options, then press [enter].   Use either arrow keys or enter a number to get to a point and commence drawing the tangent line.

A demonstration is shown below.

Program Editing Tools

It’s been a long time coming:  the TI-84 Plus CE now has editing tools!  We now can insert comments (comments are indicted with quotation marks), insert blank lines, copy, cut, and paste lines.  There is even an option to execute the program immediately.  It is all accessible from pressing [alpha] [graph/f5].

Running Archived Programs

You can now run archived programs without unarchiving the program into RAM first.  We still need to unarchive programs in order to edit them. 


*  Running assembly programs will no longer require the asm( command.

* The fraction bar can be called by [alpha] [X,T,θ,n].

Documentation and Download

You can find additional details and other updates here and more tips here:  file:///C:/Users/Edward/Downloads/Whats-New-TI-84-Plus-CE-Graphing-Release-History%20(1).pdf

Download version 5.3 from Texas Instruments here:  https://education.ti.com/en/product-resources/whats-new-84-ce

Source:  Texas Instruments.  “TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator Release History: v5.2 and above”  2017 (see above for the link)


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