Friday, July 27, 2018

HP Prime: 3D Graphs July 2018 Gallery

HP Prime:  3D Graphs July 2018 Gallery

All graphs are made with the initial rangers x = [-4, 4], y = [-4, 4], and z = [-4, 4] rotated at different angles.  The function variable for 3D graphs for the HP Prime is FZ# (# is 0-9).  

 z = cos (xy) * cos(2xy) * cos(3xy)

z = e^(-sin(2xy)*cos(xy)/2)

z = cos y * (e^(-x^2/2) – e^(x^2/8))

z = sin(x*y) * cos(x*y) + sin(x*y)^2 * cos(x*y)

z = x^4 * y * cos(x*y) * e^(x*y)

z = ± (x^2 – y^2)

z = ± |sin(x*y) – cos(x*y) + x* e^y| 
z = y^2 * sin x * Γ(x/6)

z = x * sin(|x^2 + y^2|)
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