Wednesday, July 25, 2018

HP Prime: Firmware Update (13865, date 2018.07.06)

HP Prime:  Firmware Update (13865, date 2018.07.06)

There is a new update to the HP Prime firmware.  The new version is 13865. 

You can find the file and details here:

Details and file: 

I haven’t had much chance to work with the new firmware, however according to the release information, some of the highlights are:

* There is a new red indicator when the HP Prime’s power reaches below 10%.

* All integrals in HOME mode will calculate numerical results.  Previously results are returned in either numerical or exact answers.  Exact answers will still be provided in CAS mode.

* You can control the amount of time until the HP Prime dims its screen.  The screen is dimmed when you do nothing on the calculator after a set amount of time.  The time is set in milliseconds as a base integer (30,000 in decimal or 7530_16 in hexadecimal).  The variable is TDim found in the Vars-Setting menu. 

* The command EVAL is said to now help INPUT with local variables.  I haven’t played around with this yet. 

* Updated CAS and improvements

As a note, there the HP Prime now gets a new processor G2.   To find out what hardware version you have, press [Help], press the soft key (Tree), scroll up, select About HP Prime.  I have hardware revision C.  The threads on the MoHPC site goes into more details.  The reason why I mention this is if you have trouble updating your HP Prime, the firmware files may need to be in a new folder.  The folder is:

Hardware C (and I’m assuming this will work for A):
(your drive) \HP Connectivity Kit\Firmware\PrimeG1

Thank you to HP and HP Museum of Calculators! 

Happy Computing,


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  1. Where can this HP Prime with 2018 be purchased? Amazon doesn't seem to carry it. Nor Best Buy.

    1. Unfortunately, your guess is as good as mine. I haven't seen any of the G2 Primes in stores (Best Buy, Fry's) nor on American websites online. Even the HP website side it was sold out other day. Eddie


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