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Casio fx-5800p and HP Prime: American Wire Gauge (AWB)

Casio fx-5800p and HP Prime:  American Wire Gauge (AWB)

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The following formula calculates the diameter of an American Wire Gauge:

d = 460 / (92^((3 + g)/39))  (in mils)

where g is the wire number (integer).

Define g as:
Wire number:  0000000,  g = -6
Wire number:  000000,  g = -5
Wire number:  00000, g = -4
Wire number:  0000, g = -3
Wire number:  000, g = -2
Wire number:  00, g = -1
Wire number:  0, g = 0
Any other wire number, enter g as the wire number (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.)

Conversion factor:  1000 mils = 1 in

Cross area of the wire:

a = d^2

Casio fx-5800p Program WIRES

Given the wire number, the program WIRES returns the diameter of the wire in inches and the cross sectional area in square inches.

460 ÷ (92 ^((3 + G) ÷ 39)) → D
D ÷ 1000 → D
D^2 → A
D ⊿
"CROSS AREA:  (IN^2)" ⊿

HP Prime Program Function AWB

Given the wire number, the function AWB returns the diameter of the wire in inches. 

// American Wire Gauge Diameter Function
// 2018-12-23 EWS
// in inches
RETURN (460/(92^((3+g)/39)))/1000;


g = -2  (000);  d ≈ 0.4096 in, a ≈ 0.1678 in^2
g = 3; d ≈ 0.2294 in, a ≈ 0.0526 in^2
g = 6; d ≈ 0.1620 in, a ≈ 0.0263 in^2


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