Thursday, March 17, 2016

Two Calculators Added to the Collection (Sharp EL-510RN and Calculated Industries Model 8510)

Two calculators which I recently added to the collection:
Sharp EL-510RN

Type: Scientific
Battery: Solar/Battery Backup
Cost: I paid $12.99

This is a basic scientific calculator.  Expressions are entered as-is and are evaluated by pressing the equals key. [ = ]  The calculator is small, compact, and thin, and the keyboard feels real good.  The numbers on screen are big, clear, and readable. 

* Fraction calculation and conversions
* Rectangular and polar conversions
* Three memory registers: X, Y, and M.  M+ and M- are available.
* One Variable Statistics (Mode 1)

If you want a basic, compact scientific calculator, consider getting this model. 

On a separate note, still waiting for that solar-powered RPN calculator, Hewlett Packard.  J

Calculated Industries Home ProjectCalc Model 8510

Type: Home Construction
Battery: Battery (CR 1620)
Cost: I paid $14.95

This is a simple home construction calculator that covers five specific calculations (the top row of blue keys):

* The number of gallons, quarts, or paints needed to paint a wall of a given area
* The number of rolls of wallpaper needed for a wall.
* The number of tiles needed to recover a floor, given the area of a floor.  Common measurement of tiles are used in the calculation.
* The length of rolls, of 12 feet, 13 feet, and 15 feet, of carpet to cover a floor.
* The number of bags of concrete needed.

Another plus is the ability execute calculations in yards-feet-inch and meters, probably one of my most favorite features of the Calculated Industries calculators.  We can also work with measured areas and volumes.  The π key returns the rounded value of 3.141593.  

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