Monday, August 12, 2013

The TI-34 Calculator: The Original 1-Line TI-34

Greetings everyone!

Not too long ago I purchased an original-style TI-34 from Amazon; the one with the single line display. I the one purchased was made in, if I am reading the date code correctly, in 1991. So it is the second edition of the TI-34, because it has blue arithmetic keys. The original, made in 1987, had red arithmetic keys.


* 10 digit display
* Trig functions
* Polar and Rectangular Conversions
* Fractions
* Boolean Operations and Base Conversions
* 1 Variable Statistics

Today's TI-34, which is called TI-34 MultiView, we gain a multi-line screen, the ability to type calculations in textbook form, integer functions (absolute value, LCM, GCD, etc.), two custom function programming, and linear regression. However, Boolean operations and base conversions are not available on the MultiView.

This is the TI-34 when it arrived at my door:

The keys all worked, but noticing the keypad had faded numbers, I figure a makeover was in order:

OK, art expert I am not. Cutting small stickers are not my forte either. At least the numbers, decimal point, and the change sign key are readable again.

Update: I am still working on the differential equations series. The series tentatively has these topics:

* Basic Differential Equation Solving
* Separable Equations
* First Order Linear Equations
* Second Order Homogenous Equations
* Laplace Transforms
* Runge-Kutta Approximation

The list of topics is subject to change. If you have suggestions, please let me know, always appreciate the feedback.

Until next time, have a great day. School is just around the corner for many so enjoy the summer vacation while it lasts! For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, hopefully the winter isn't being rough. Stay safe everyone!


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