Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Video: The Pi Episode by Danica McKellar and Nerdist

Major thanks to Dr. Cliff Pickover for posting the link to this awesome video on my Twitter feed.  On January 9, 2014, Danica McKellar premiered her YouTube show "Math Bites".  The first show is all about pi (π).  OK, they talk about pie too, but the main focus is one the famous number. 

From memory, I know π = 3.14159265353897923846...  (I think that's right).  Anyway, click on the link and enjoy!

And not only my favorite number is π, my favorite pie is apple, especially if it has cinnamon with a crust on top.

If you are on Twitter (who isn't these days?):

Follow Danica McKellar, author of "Math Doesn't Suck", "Hot X: Algebra Exposed", "Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who's Boss" and "Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes"  - @danicamckellar

Follow Chris Hardwick, head of Nerdist and supremely funny guy.  He also has his Nerdist podcasts.  Too bad I don't have a burrito around to enjoy while I'm typing this. Oh, he hosts Talking Dead (The show which discusses "The Walking Dead") and @midnight  - @nerdist

Follow Dr. Cliff Pickover, scientist, mathematician, and writer.  His books include "The Math Book" and "The Physics Book" - @pickover

And I have a Twitter account too, mine is @edward_shore. 


Next post will be post the 300th of this blog!  Again, I thank you for your support - much appreciated.


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