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App Review: Mathfuns

App Review:  Mathfuns

Author:  Guoyong Zhao
Date: 2016
Version Reviewed: 1.1.2, 2/24/2017
Type: Graphing, CAS, Scientific
Platform:  iOS, Android


Mathfuns is a nice compact app for the iOS and Andriod app.  Features include:

Access to the Help Screen
Assign values, matrices, and vectors
Matrices: LU and QR factoring, inverse, and determinant
Factor and expand algebraic expressions
Integrals: Indefinite and definite
Gamma and zeta functions
Differential equations (ordinary and partial)

2D and 3D graphing

How to operate:  enter the expression.
To calculate, press the calculator icon. 
To graph the equation, press the graph icon.  The graphs available are 2D, 3D, and a pie chart.  Pie charts require lists or matrices.  I have a hard time getting a pie chart to generate. 


Getting around the expressions can be pretty tricky.  To input powers, call up the x^y template, then proceed.  The parenthesis has a template.  Only the latest expression enter can be evaluated or graphed.  When the expression has be evaluated, a new line is not automatically connected.  You must manually start a new line (by the <-| return key).

Graphing expressions currently only allows for positive graphing parameters, leaving graphs to the first quadrant available.  I suggested that is addressed. 

Final Verdict

I rate the app 4 out of 5 starts and do recommend it, more for the handling of CAS expressions.  The graphing feature needs improvement.


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