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Review: Casio MC-12M Shop Calculator

Review:  Casio  MC-12M Shop Calculator

Just The Facts:

Model:  MC-12M Shop Calculator 
Company: Casio
Type:  Desktop 
Display:  12 digits
Battery:  Solar and Battery (AA battery backup)
Logic: Chain
Memory:  Two:  M and Grand Total 
Double Zero Key

I purchased this calculator several months ago at a WalMart for about $11.50. 


Cost/Sell/Margin Calculation
Change Function
Square Root

The display is set an angle so it is tilted towards the user.  I find the keyboard a pleasure to use.  My hands may be a little big, but with the right size of hands you can speed type on the MC-12M.   The keys are fast and responsive.  


There are two memories within the MC-12M:  the independent memory M and the Grand Total key.  

The independent memory works with the usual memory plus (M+) and memory minus (M-) keys.   The recall (MR) and clear memory (MC) keys are separate keys on the MC-12M.  

The grand total memory is activated every time you press the equals [ = ] key.  On the MC-12M, the grand total memory is automatic.   The grand total memory is cleared when either [AC/ON] is pressed or the calculator is turned off.  

The Change Feature

The big selling feature of the MC-12M Shop Calculator is the [CHANGE] button.   You enter an amount and press [CHANGE], like you were handed cash in a transaction.   When it is pressed, it compares the amount entered against the amount in the grand total memory registered.  The independent memory is not used in the change feature.  


You have a $100 bill (C-note) and purchase the following:
1 SD card for $19.95
1 desktop calculator for $11.49  ;)
3 reams of paper for $5.00 each (on sale)
15 pens at $0.49 each
2 USB drives, 32GB for $10.60 each
Sales Tax: 9%


19.95 [ = ]
11.49 [ = ]
3 [ × ] 5 [ = ]
15 [ × ] .49 [ = ]
2 [ × ] 10.60 [ = ]
[ GRAND TOTAL ]     (Display: 74.99)

[ × ] 9 [ % ] [ = ]

[ GRAND TOTAL ]     (Display/Total Invoice: 81.7391   [$81.74]  )

100 [ CHANGE ]   (Change: 18.2609  [$18.26] )

Percent Change

You can calculate percent change with the use of the minus and percent keys.

%CHG Keystrokes:   new [ - ] old [ % ]

Calculate the percent change from 14.75 to 19.85?

19.85 [ - ] 14.75 [ % ] 

Percent Change:  34.5762711864   (34.5762711864%)

Wishes and Verdict

There are two things the MC-12M Shop Calculator have:

Fix Decimal Selector:  This would be great for the shop because most currency calculations work with 2 decimal places.   My selection of choices would be 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6.

I would also like to see the Add Mode added. 

Since this is a shop calculator, I can imagine people using this calculator to calculator areas and volumes, so a π key would be nice.  

π ≈ 3.1415926535

This calculator is nice to operate and hold and yes, I like the square root (which should be present on more desktop calculators).   Worth a look.


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