Sunday, October 4, 2015

HHC 2015 Conference Talks

HP Prime.  Picture from HHC 2014 Conference Materials

The HHC 2015 took place in Nashville a couple of weeks ago (September 26 and 27, 2015).  I was not able to go this year (my father passed away).

Here are some videos that posted on YouTube. I thank both and the HPMOC.  I always have a great time at these conference and really hope to go next year’s conference.

Links to individual talks are listed below, but you can access the channel on YouTube to get access to all of them as well.



HHC 2015: TI vs. HP and Fast Mode – Gene Wright

HHC 2015: HP-41CL Update – Gene Wright

HHC 2015: Prime Savage (speed/"accuracy" comparisons) - Włodek Mier-Jędrzejowicz

HHC 2015: Genetic Algorithm Optimization using the HP Prime – Namir Shammas

HHC 2015: HP-65 Pro emulator for the Apple iPad – Namir Shammas

HHC 2015: Fritzing, China, and the NP-25 – Jim Johnson

HHC 2015: A Numeric Compression Algorithm for the HP Prime (VCR Plus+) - Jackie Woldering

HHC 2015: Informal Demos, System upgrades, etc. – Geoff Quickfall

HHC 2015: FRAM71 Introduction – Bob Prosperi

HHC 2015: Random Number Generators using Integer Array Shuffling with the HP Prime – Namir Shmmas

HHC 2015: Particle Swarm Optimization using the HP Prime – Namir Shmmas

HHC 2015: Virtual HP-IL (and related topics) Update – Bob Prosperi

HHC 2015: Review of DM-41 and the brand-new DM-15L

- Richard Nelson

HHC 2015: Children of Stone – A Self-Publishing Saga - Mary Woldering

HHC 2015: The Glacial Pace of Scaled Reptiles - Eric Smith

HHC 2015: Update on 342 page Calculator References List Project – Felix Gross

HHC 2015: The WP-43S (The specification needs a platform) – Jake Schwartz

HHC 2015: HP 50g System Flash Upgrade - Günter Schink

HHC 2015: Woodstocks in the Twenty-First Century - Geoff Quickfall

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