Monday, August 13, 2018

HP 35S: Trapezoid Analysis (Daniel Pedro Levia)

HP 35S: Trapezoid Analysis (Daniel Pedro Levia)

Have some time to squeeze in a post.  Much thanks to Daniel Pedro Levia.


Given the trapezoid below:

The following are calculated:

Midsegment length:  (A + B)/2

Height: √( (-A+B+C+D)(A-B+C+D)(A-B+C-D)(A-B-C+D) )/(2 * abs(B-A))

Area:  M * H

You can see the HP Prime and Casio fx-CG50 programs here:

HP 35S Program: Trapezoid – Pedro Daniel Leiva

Here is the program for the HP 35S, written by Pedro Daniel Levia.   The program is listed with permission of the author.

Variables Used:

R_A = length of side A
R_B = length of side B
R_C = length of side C
R_D = length of side D
R_H = height
R_M = mid-length
R_K = area
R_P = perimeter


T001 LBL T
T002 STO D
T003 R ↓
T004 STO C
T005 R ↓
T006 STO B
T007 R ↓
T008 STO A
T009 SQRT((-A+B+C+D)*(A-B+C+D)*(A-B+C-D)*(A-B-C+D))/(2*ABS(B-A)) // EQN
T010 STO H
T011 (A+B)/2  // EQN
T012 STO M
T013 STOP   // R/S
T014 RCL M
T015 RCL H
T016 ×
T017 STO K
T018 A+B+C+D  // EQN
T019 STO P
T020 RTN

20 steps

Instructions:  Enter the length of all four sides then run the program.


The height and midlength are shown first (Y and X stack, respectively).  Press [R/S] to get the area and perimeter.


A = 400
B = 350
C = 125
D = 106


Height:  104.3032
Midlength: 375.0000
Area:  39113.7186
Perimeter:  981.0000


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