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Estimating the Boiling Point at Various Elevations

Estimating the Boiling Point at Various Elevations


We can estimate the boiling point of water, accurate to the nearest tenth (one decimal point), by the formula:

y = 4.299969165*10^-8 * x^2 – 0.0035531324 * x + 100.0049216


x = elevation in meters
y = boiling point of water in degrees Celsius (°C)

This equation was derived using quadratic regression analysis of 27 sample points, testing points for elevations from -305 m to 6629 m.

If you are working with US units, you can use the following unit conversions:

1 ft = 0.3048 m

Conversion to Celsius:  °C = (°F – 32) * 5/9


x = -152 m (approx. -498.687664 ft), y ≈ 100.5 °C

x = 4115 m (13500.65617 ft), y ≈ 86.1 °C

x = 6325 m (20751.31234 ft), y ≈ 79.3°


Glover, Thomas J.  Pocket Ref 4th Edition.  Sequoia Publishing, Inc. Littleton, CO. 2012


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