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Review: Sharp EL-344RB

Review: Sharp EL-344RB

Quick Facts

Model: Elsi Mate EL-344R

Company: Sharp

Years: production began around 2015

Memory Register:  1 independent memory

Power:  Solar with with LR1130 backup battery

Screen:  LCD, 10 digits

Logic:  Chain

First, the Basics

The EL-344R is a basic four-function calculator including percent and square root.   The memory keys [ M+ ] and [ M- ] not only complete the calculation but execute the appropriate storage arithmetic function.  The [ R∙CM ] key acts the dual function recall/clear memory.

Fractions and Approximations

You can enter fractions by using the [ a-b/c ] key.   There is a two digit limit to the numerator and denominator.  

Results can be converted to fractions.  However, the denominators offered are limited to n/2, n/4, n/8, n/16, and n/32.   If an exact fraction cannot be found, an APP indicator will show with an up or down arrow to show if the result has been rounded up or down.   In any case, the exact decimal is kept for future calculations.


The large feature for the EL-344R is the set of metric-U.S. conversions.   Conversions include (not an all-exhaustive list):

*  temperature (°F/°C)

*  length (in/cm, ft/m, yd/m mi/km)

*  area (in^2/cm^2, ft^2/m^2, yd^2/m^2, acre/ha etc.)

*  volume (in^3/cm^3, ft^3/m^3, US gal/L, etc.)

*  weight (oz/g)

There are 44 preset conversions.    You can use the [ >A ] and [ <B ] keys allow you to set a custom conversion rate and use it for conversion calculations.

The conversions are nice, quick, and easy, and gives regular calculator an extra useful feature.   


I like the rich set that compliments the EL-344R.   To me, the selling point is the nice set of conversions.   The keys are easy to press and I love the clear screen with large digits.  Recommended.


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