Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pictures of the HP 15C Limited Edition and the HP 12C 30th Year Anniversary Edition

Hello, everyone. In September 2011, Hewlett Packard released special editions of two of the most popular calculator models: the HP 15C Limited Edition and the HP 12C 30th Year Anniversary Special Edition.

HP 15C Limited Edition

The HP 15C Limited Edition is a reissue of the HP 15C that was in the market during the 1980s.  The calculator had a horizontal interface.  With the calculator operating in RPN (Reverse Polish Notation), users and fans of the HP 15C praised the calculator for ease of use and it's landscape shape.  Features include: complex numbers, matrices, and keystroke programming up to 448 steps.  

 The 15C Limited Edition box. 

The 15C Limited Edition Scientific Calculator.  
The 15C came with a written manual, which is probably a copy of the original 15C manual, a carrying case, and something really nice: a 15C emulator.  I have yet to try the emulator but it is on the list of things to do.  I am real excited to get the 15C Limited Edition.  The new 15C is 100 times faster than the original model released in the 1980s. The Limited Edition is the first time in over 20 years that 15C calculators were produced.  I understand that there are originally 10,000 calculators produced - hopefully more will be in the future.  So if you want one, get shopping immediately!  

HP 12C 30th Year Anniversary Edition

The HP 12C 30th Year Anniversary Edition is a celebration of Hewlett Packard's HP 12C calculator.  Unlike the HP 15C, the HP 12C has been continually been in the market, ever since September 1, 1981!  The HP 12C is a RPN Financial Calculator which features: time value of money, interest conversion, bond calculations, days between date calculations, cash flows, and keystroke programming.  Most HP 12Cs have a memory of 99 steps, which includes the 30th Year Anniversary Edition.  Hewlett Packard sells a Platinum Edition of the 12C which has a programming memory of 400 steps.  

The box contains a getting started guide and a carrying pouch. 

Enjoy the pictures, but these calculators are going fast.  I have two 15C LEs and one 12C 30th Year Anniversary Edition.  


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