Monday, March 24, 2014

BA II Plus Professional: Silver (2004) vs Black (2013) Keyboard

First of all, I have to give a shoutout to Office Depot, who matched the price they had for the BA II Plus Professional on their website ($49.99) instead of the store price ($57.99).

Today's blog entry is about the BA II Plus Professional which is the deluxe version of the long time running BA II Plus. Like the "base" model, the BA II Plus Professional operates the same way: other than the standard Time Value of Money worksheet (TVM), you scroll through the options and calculations through each worksheet by using the up and down arrows.

What does the BA II Plus Professional have above the BA II Plus?

* The number of cash flows that can be entered is increased from 24 to 32
* The cash flow worksheet has additional calculations: net future value, payback, discounted payback.
* Modified internal rate of return is added.
* Modified duration of bonds is added.

Both have (to name a few):
* Trigonometric functions
* Chain or AOS mode (post-fix)
* Depreciation: Straight Line, Sum of Years' Digits, Declining Balance, Declining Balance with Crossover (good for taxes)
* Four Regressions for Statistics: Linear, Logarithmic, Exponential, Power (standard)
* Breakeven, Date Calculations (until 2049... ugh).
* Interest Conversion, Percent Change, and Amortization

Truthfully, both models have plenty to offer.

Let's talk about keyboards The keyboard on the silver BA II Plus Professional is awful, at least on the one I have. The buttons are very hard to press, and even with hard presses keys do not register. At various angles the 2nd functions, which are light gray fade perfectly into the silver plate, making them not invisible.

The current black keyboard is miles ahead of the original keyboard. First of all. The printing of the 2nd functions, which are now in medium gray, are visible against the black plate. Second, the keys respond well and you don't need hammers as fingers to get the keys to register.

Displays are different. The black keyboard has a larger display. You can see the difference below.

Do I recommend the BA II Plus or the BA II Plus Professional? Truthfully it depends on needs (or wants) since there is a price difference between the two. Should you decide to get the BA II Plus Professional, I highly recommend that you get try current black keyboard.

By the way, Texas Instruments also redesigned the BA II Plus. The current keyboard is slight shorter and the keys are slightly bunched together. However, like the new BA II Professional, the display is bigger.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Maybe I should do a comparison between BA II Plus Professional vs HP 10bII+ or 12c Platinum? As always, thank you for your support and see you next time!


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  1. thank you for the comparisons. I was just wondering about the new black version's keyboard and display before stumbling upon your blog. Trying to get it on Amazon, but seems like everyone still only sells the old silver one.

    1. I think the newer keyboards are slowly hitting the markets. Keep checking if you are interested in a newer keyboard.

  2. Hi,

    How much more responsive is the Black revision? Are the keys as easy to press as the BA II Plus/redesigned BA II Plus? Is it more responsive than those two? How responsive and soft are the buttons compared to something such as the TI-83?

    The review on 2014/02/17 seems to imply that the revision carries both a faux-leather and a metal case? Is this true? Every other site on the internet still talks only about the leather case.

    Also, the review seems to imply that the black revision is the third generation. Does the reviewer simply mean the first generation Professional edition is a second generation BA II Plus? None of this gets mentioned at, sadly.

    Anyways, thanks for the comparisons. Hope you can manage to find the time to respond.

    1. Throwaway,

      The keys, key response, and keyboard of the black version of the BA II Plus Professional are miles better than the older silver edition IMO. I am not sure about the keys being comparable to the TI-83, but I guess yes.

      The cases that come with the financial calculators are:
      BA II Plus: hard, slide-on case
      BA II Plus Professional: faux-leather, slip on case

      As far as generations are concerned, I believe that this is the 3rd generation of the BA II Plus and 2nd for the BA II Plus Professional (I am going from memory).

      Hope this helps,


  3. So are there no differences between the black vs silver calculator besides that it got redesigned and the buttons are easier to use? There are no calculation capability differences like you mentioned when comparing the plus to the professional?

    1. A-Train,

      Correct. Functionally the black and silver editions of the Professional are the same.


  4. The keys on the new black model are responsive, but there's still no buffering meaning if you press the keys faster than the calculator than register them, you lose keypresses. Still annoying...

  5. Thank you. This was super helpful! Do you know how the BA-35 is compared to the BA II Plus Professional by any chance?

  6. Thank you Eddie! This post was very helpful.

  7. Can you Please share a link where i can buy BA II Plus Professional with soft keypad? Thanks

    1. You can go to pretty much any office store. Or try,, or possibly eBay. You want the current model with the black case.


  8. I got the black BA II plus pro. It can't catch up your speed, if you key in with two hands. You will be at risk in missing keys.


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