Sunday, April 24, 2016

HP Prime Firmware Update ( Firmware 10077) (Available through Archive)

HP Prime Firmware Update ( Firmware 10077)

7/27/2016 Update:   Sadly, version 10077 has been pulled due to issues and HP decided to take it off out of caution.  The latest firmware is back to 8151.  :(

9/1/2016:  Some users have downgraded back to 8151 and may had problems with the touch screen.  HP put the version 10077 back up so these users can restore their calculators.  


If you have not used version 10077 yet, the writer of this blog assumes no warranty or risk.


It is advised that you use the Internet Explorer browser to download the updated firmware.    This new firmware for the HP Prime (April 2016) provides new functionality and corrects a lot of issues.  A more complete list is included in the zip file, but let’s go over some highlights, which include creating backup files and jpg files (see towards the end):

What’s New in Firmware 10077?

Creating and Restoring Backups Directly on the Calculator

This maybe a first for graphing calculators, but you can create backup files directly on the HP Prime.  Press [ Shift ], [(toolbox)] (Mem) to access the memory list.  Backups is now listed as one of the memory types.  You can create a new backup, restore an old one, or delete old backups.

Picture Background on Plot Screens

The Prime can now have a picture as a background on the Plot Screen.  To set a picture, press [ Shift ], [ Plot ] (Plot Setup), and scroll to Page 3 of the options.  Pictures can be stretched, centered, or plotted on a specific (x,y) position.  Of course, you can choose No Background.

Sketching Functions (Functions and Statistics 2 Var app)

You can now draw certain classes of functions directly on HP Prime screen without entering an expression on the Symb page.  On the Function App’s Plot screen, select the soft key (Fcn), then Sketch.   Draw the function (by touch) on the screen.  The Prime attempts to fit a common equation to the curve in which you may be prompted to selected between two or three functions.  If the function is accepted, it is added to the Function list on the Symb screen.

You can draw a fit in a similar matter of the Statistics 2 Var app.  The difference is that you must have data in the Num database (and able to be plotted). 

Definition and Translations – Function App

The (Fcn) soft menu on the Function’s Plot screen has two additional functions:

*  Definition:  You can change the definition of a function by tapping the bottom of the screen and editing to the screen.  This command is also given in the Advanced Graphing App.

*  Transformation:  You can drag a function (up, down, left, and/or right) when Transformation is activated.  The edited function is stored once the transformation is accepted.

* Update (5/1/2016).  In transformation mode, you can use pinching and "reverse"-pinching motions to compress and widen the function.  Thank you to Eried of HPMOC Forums.  

*  Also thanks to a reader (no name was given) that you can also press the (Form) softkey during Transformation mode to change the form of the function.  (Refer to the comments below)

The UNION Function

The UNION function (Toolbox, Lists) of two or more numbers/lists returns a list of all numbers listed without duplicates.

The DIFFERENCE Function now accepts multiple lists

The DIFFERENCE function (Toolbox, Lists) returns all elements that are present in one and only one list.

Help Screen Text can now be Copied

You can now copy and paste the help text.  The entire help text for that page is selected.  For the moment there is no way of selecting only parts of the help text.

CHOOSE is now available in the Spreadsheet App

The CHOOSE command is available in the Spreadsheet App.   The syntax is:

=CHOOSE(cell where to store the index number, “title”, range of data)

In the example (see the picture listed) above, if have in Cell B2:

=CHOOSE(B6, “Tier Number”, D2:D4)

The index number is designated to B6 based on selection and the number corresponding to the index number in the range is entered on cell B2.

New Gradian Angle Mode

When the HP Prime is in Gradian angle mode, the angle indicator will have a “g” on the top right corner of the screen.  Gradian mode sets the system variable HAngle = 2.
 Just a note, be careful when using ARG in Gradian mode when the real part is negative in Home mode.

Σ can now use local variables in Programs can now use local variables in Programs

Plot-Table Screen Copy to Graphic Objects

When in a Plot-Table View is in use, press [ Shift ], [ View ] (Copy).  You are presented with choose menu to select the graphic object (G1-G9).

In programming mode the display is Graphic Object 0 (G0).  Use BLIT to copy the temporary graphic object (G1-G9) to the display (G0).

Syntax:  BLIT(target graphic object [G#],  source graphic object [G#])

PIXON and PIXON_P allows for alpha blend

Syntax:  PIXON([G#], x, y, {color, alpha}), PIXON_P([G#], x, y, {color, alpha})

Alpha range from 0 (opaque) to 255 (transparent)

Creating an JPG Image

1.  Bring up your image you want to create as a .jpg file.  Copy it to a temporary graphic object G1-G9.  Please remember what App you are using it will be important.
* Plot Screen:  Press [ Shift ], [ View ] (Copy).
* Program:    Use the BLIT to store G0 (the screen) to another graphic object.  Make sure you store the image into a temp graph object G1 – G9.
2.  Back at home, press the (App) soft key, find the app you are working with, select 4. Modes, and select AFiles.
3. As your argument, type the string “filename.jpg”. Then use ≔ outside of the AFiles and type the graphic file you are using.  For example:  AFiles(“sineimpact.jpg”)≔G1 stores the image stored in G1 to the jpg file sineimpact.

4.  Opening the Connectivity Kit, you can see your file stored under the designated Application.  Note that if you want to use save the graphic object on a PC/Mac, you’ll have to use other means since there is currently no direct export function.  (Two ideas: Open the file and save it from the computer’s engine or if the graphic object was created by the emulator, open it and save it as a screen shot)

That is just some of the improvements and additions to Version 10077.  Download it, as all my programs for the HP Prime will use this firmware version until further notice.

Thank you,


This blog is property of Edward Shore, 2016.


  1. I think there were two things you missed in the function transform that are really nice - you can pinch horiz/vertically as well to dilate your functions. You can also click the "form" button to change your expression into different forms. This means you can switch between several ways of representing a quadratic and similar types of things with a tap.

  2. Just to share what happened to me:

    This update did not work good for me. During the update the bar graph jammed at 17% and calculator screen was showing message like "invalid command 0x??" each two-three seconds. I wait about thirty minutes and nothing changed. I resetted the calculator with a paper clip with the "RESET" internal button on back. After that, it never restarts. Dead black screen... :-(

    I was convinced I've "bricked" the calculator...

    I did minimal search on the Internet and found that page:

    I've followed the easy procedure of holding the [Symb] button while resetting it and while connected on USB port. Luckily it bring it back to life! I then attempted a second time to do the update and then it worked. I now have software version 2016 04 14 (10077).


  3. PAY ATTENTION, after doing the same firmware update, a dead black screen happened. i already tried some of the advised reset key combination and clip without success. i´m convinced that the firmware upadate bricked my calculator.

    1. Titanic,

      The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is to plug in the calculator and let it charge fully (3-6 hours?), and then try to reset the calculator.

      There are several threads that discuss the issue that you are having:

      This is from a couple years ago. Good luck and I hope the calculator gets back to working order.


    2. Another suggestion: Hold down the SYMB key, plug in the USB, open the Connectivity Kit, and enter recovery mode. This is from the HP Support Line.

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