Thursday, March 14, 2019

Birthday Blog: Fun Facts About Me

Fun Facts About, me, Eddie Shore, the author of Eddie's Math and Calculator Blog:

1.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and a Master's Degree in Mathematics, both from Cal Poly Pomona.

2.  I don't have a favorite sport.

3. My favorite video games are Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Brothers, Mario Kart, Millipede, and Joust.

4. My favorite colors are sky blue, denim blue, forest green, and gold.

5. For you zodiac fans, my zodiac sign is Pisces.  Both of my parents are Geminis, and most of my closest friends are Scorpios.

6. Chocolate chip cookies are my weakness.

7. My four favorite go-to music artists are Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, and Sheryl Crow.

8. At home, I have two dogs and three cats. 

9.  I'm Irish and Mexican.

10.  Every morning I write what I want to accomplish for the day.  I go through a lot of Post-Its.

11. The beach is my sanctuary.

12. The mathematics section of university library is to me what Disneyland is to most people, only I don't have to pay $60 for an admission ticket. ;)  My favorite library is the Honnold Mudd Library in Claremont (Claremont Colleges).

13. I can't live without music.  Or calculators.

14. My dream car is a Ferrari. 

15. I prefer tea over coffee.

16. My turn ons are honesty, warmth, kindness, intelligence, and a love for life.

17. My turn offs are dishonesty, arrogance, racism, sexism, and ageism.

18. My bucket list grows by the day.

19. I am very close to my family. 

20. My favorite vacation spot so far is Maui.

21. My favorite number is pi (π), partly because my birthday is March 14 (the day that this blog is posted).

22. I want to go to Greece, Italy, Ireland, and New Zealand.  I'd probably wouldn't return home. 

23. My guilty pleasure is the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  #TeamMargaretJosephs

24. I'm nearsighted and prefer glasses to contacts.

25. I prefer wine over beer, but I do enjoy a good ale.  My favorite shot is Fireball.

26. My newest favorite YouTube channel is Doctor Mike. Favorite of all time is both Cinemasins and Music Video Sins.

27. My favorite calculators are the HP Prime, HP 42S, HP 12C, TI-84 Plus CE and Casio fx-991EX.

28. I am a Press Your Luck addict. Big Bucks, no whammies!

29. I have two dogs and three cats.

30. My music tastes are kind of eccentric, but I learn towards rock, alternative, and some R & B.  I do have a Spotify account. 

31.  My favorite fruits of cherries, applies, and strawberries.

32.  My favorite holiday used to be Christmas, now it's Halloween.

33.  A hobby I like but don't do enough of is art.  I'm drawn to glass art, mythological art, and fantasy art. 

34.  My favorite movie is Ghostbusters - the 1984 original one.

35.  My favorite pie is apple. 

36.  My favorite fonts are Arial, Courier, Futura, and Banschrift.

37.  I lived in Southern California all my life.

38.  Starting and writing on this blog is one of the most fun things I am very fortunate to do, and I thank you for reading and supporting this blog. 

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  1. Just found your blog and this blast of wholesome really made my day, Thank you and Happy Birthday! I found this while googling my favorite scientific calculator, the Sharp EL W516X. You reviewed it way back in 2011 apparently and wow I feel old. This calculator got me through high school, a bachelors in Aerospace Engineering, and part of a masters.

  2. Happy Birthday Eddie!
    I really enjoy your blog. I am a Pisces, too (7th March) and I enjoyed a lot your fun facts :)
    My favourtite calculator is the Casio fx-CG50 but I really want to try the Numworks (I love programming in Python)
    Keep it going, my friend, you are doing a great and inspiring job!

  3. Happy Birthday late Eddie!
    I like to see the "HP Prime" in first! :-)
    I guess you *really* loves your dogs and cats for mentionning twice in this list, 8 and 29. :-)


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