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TI-Nspire CX and CX II: Finance Widgets

TI-Nspire CX and CX II:  Finance Widgets

Financial Widgets

The zip file has five widgets:

simple interest widget:  Calculates the total interest paid in a simple interest loan

pi payment widget:  Calculates the payment of a monthly mortgage without a balloon payment.  

piti widget:  Calculates the PITI (payment-interest-tax-insurance) of a mortgage.  Down payment, annual property tax, and annual property insurance are included.

qualified loan amount widget:  Determines the amount of purchase price a buyer can afford.  The standard 28/36 ratio test is used, compares the two methods, and uses the minimum payment to estimate the qualified amount.  

qualified income test widget:  Test whether the proposed PITI and debt payments against a buyer's income  


1.  Download the zip file here:

2.  Save the widget (tns) files to the MyWidgets folder.

3.  Any tns file in the MyWidgets can be opened as a regular document or be added to a document by Insert-Widget.  

4.  When operated as a widget, highlight the entire page by Ctrl+A, pressing [ menu ], selecting 1. Actions, 1.  Evaluate (Enter).  


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