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Review: Calculated Industries ConcreteCalc Pro (4225)

Review:  Calculated Industries ConcreteCalc Pro (4225)

Quick Facts

Model Number:  4225

Company:  Calculated Industries

Year of Production:  2010 - present

Operating System:  Chain

Batteries: 1 x CR 2016

Memory Register:  1 independent (M), memories M1 - M3

Paperless Tape:  20 steps, arithmetic functions are recorded

Cost:  Retail:  $74.95, but selling prices vary.  I purchased mine used for $30 on eBay.

Product Page:

Consistent my recent reviews of Calculated Industries calculators, including the Pipe Trades Pro and the ElectricCalc Pro, I am impressed by the keyboard and the feel of the keys, love the Armadillo Gear case cover, and the calculator serves specific purpose and industry.  

Highlighted Features

Here are some, just some, of the features of ConcreteCalc Pro:  

Dimensional Math:  Calculations and conversions with units, both US and Metric, are available on the ConcreteCalc Pro.

Areas and Volumes:   The [ Length ], [ Width ], and [ Height ] keys serve as the entry keys to calculate area and volume.  

VOL = volume of the room

WALL = area of the one of the four walls

ROOM = total surface area of the walls

The results are accessed through repeated presses of the [ Height ] key.  

Geometry:  The ConcreteCalc Pro also works with calculating areas and circumferences of circles, volumes of cylinders and cones, and arc lengths.  Regular polygons are also included.  

Example:  6-sided polygon with radius of 5 in.  

5 [ Inch ] [ Conv ] [ Arc ] (Radius)

6 [ Conv ] [ Length ] (Polygon)

FULL:  120.00°

HALF:  60.00°

SIDE:  6

PER:  30 in (perimeter)

AREA:  64.95191 in^2  (area)

Loads, Blocks, Bags:  Calculate loads and bags of concrete based on volume, and the number of blocks based on area and the size of the blocks.

Stairs:  Use the [ Height ] key to store the total floor-to-floor rise, desired riser height, floor height, and tread width and you can get the run, incline of the stairs, the length of the stringer and more with the [ Stair ] key.  With the Riser Limited option, we can calculate these statistics restricting the desired the riser height as the maximum.  

Rebar calculations 


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