Saturday, February 4, 2023

RCL 40 Book On Sale

RCL 40 Book On Sale

The fantastic book, RCL 40: Recollection, Reinvention, & HP Calculators, edited by W.A.C. Mier-Jedrezejowic, Ph. D, Mark Power, and Bruce Horrocks is a collection of articles from mathematicians, programmers, and calculator enthusiasts.  This books covers the legendary HP 41C, the Swiss Micros equivalent, the DM41 family, to engineers' experiences working for Hewlett Packard.   I wrote a chapter in the book where I talk about my experiences with the HP 41C and DM41X.   

RCL 40 is a celebration of the HP 41C and calculators.   

To order, please click here.  The book is published by the HPCC in the United Kingdom.  


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