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Swiss Micros DM32: Scientific Constants

Swiss Micros DM32:   Scientific Constants

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Scientific Constants

The state constants.d32 loads eight scientific constants to eight global registers.   On the DM32, global registers, (numbered -100 to -999, note the negative numbers here), are registers that can be accessed in any state ("calculator").

The eight constants featured are:

-900:  Earth's Gravity constant:   g = 9.80665 m/s^2

-901:  Molar Gas constant:  R = 8.314462618 J/(K mol)

-902:  Planck constant: h = 6.62607015E-34 J/Hz

-903:  Newtonian Universal Constant:  G = 6.67430E-11 m^3/(kg s^2)

-904:  Avogadro constant: Na = 6.02214076E23 mol^-1

-905:  Speed of Light: c = 299,792,458 m/s

-906:  Boltzmann constant:  k = 1.380649E-23 J/K

-907:  Elementary Charge constant: e = 1.602176634E-19 C

Program Labels:

LBL L:  Load the constants

LBL H:  help file, press [ R/S ] between each description

LBL V:  view all the numerical value of constants

LBL O:  obtain a single constant.  Enter a number from 0-7.

0: g

1: R

2: h

3: G

4: Na

5: c

6: k

7: e

The labels are not global, but the scientific constants are.   

Store the register number (-900 to -907) in the variable i.   Press RCL (i) to obtain the constant.  

[ Link to download constants.d32 ]

[ Link to download constants: here


"2018 CODATA Recommended Values of the Fundamental Constants of Physics and Chemistry"  NIST SP 959.  June 2019.   Retrieved December 2, 2023


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