Sunday, November 9, 2014

Two New Videos: Derivatives on the HP Prime, Derivative and Integral of abs(x)

Derivatives on the HP Prime Calculator



Derivative Template:  Template Key, template is on the top row, 4th column

Numeric Format:  (d* function)/(d varaible = point), press Enter
In RPN Mode: You also need to press Shift+Comma (Eval)
Symbolic Format (CAS Mode):  (d function)/(d variable)

*d represents the derivative symbol

diff command:
diff(function, variable)

Derivative and Integral of abs(x)


A short derivation of the derivative and integral of absolute value function (abs(x)), and how the signum (sign(x)) function plays a part its calculation. 

Graphs made with the online Desmos calculator.  Please visit and explore at
(This is NOT a paid endorsement)


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