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Handyman Calculator Android App Review

Handyman Calculator App Review

Developer:  Kalyani
Platform:  Android
Price:  Free, but for $7.99 you can remove ads and gain the ability to save and email results

My review will focus on the Free Version.  

Note: any apps that appear on the screenshots are coincidental, and not an endorsement of the companies supplying the ads.

The Handyman app is a list of solvers and conversion calculators for the fields of construction, electronics, carpentering, and machinery.   It does not skimp on what is available either, we can practically find a tool for whatever is needed.

All the solvers and conversion calculators pretty much work the same way:  enter the data you have on the blank lines, then scroll the worksheet down and press the (Convert) or (Solve) key and the rest is done.  It is very easy to operate.  If you are working in U.S. or metric units, Handyman has got you covered!

Here is a small sample of what Handyman offers:

Square and Cubic Footage Calculator
3-4-5 Rule Calculator (feet-inches or meters)
Air Conditioning  (determine what BTUs are needed given room size and population)
Concrete Steps, Curbs, and Gutters
Deck Board Calculator (calculate number of boards required)
Drill Size Chart
Density Chart of Metals and Alloys
LED Resistors 
Oil Pressure
Calculate the number of Sand Bags given length and width of area
Water Flow Rates

Again, this is only a small sample.  

You can change the font type, color, and size.  Press the triple vertical dots from the main menu and select Preferences.  Changes will take effect the next time you run Handyman.

There are two other features worth noting:

* Metal Detector.  Use the phone to point to where metal may be detected.  The magnetic field is calculated (in micro telsas).  Hunting for gold anyone?

*  Roof Pitch Calculator, probably my favorite feature of the App.  Tilt the phone to landscape position and lay it like the angle of the roof (or whatever you are trying to measure).  The angle, in 1 degree increments, is calculated.  (between 0 and 90 degrees).  The app is sensitive so holding the phone is key.

Final Thoughts

This app is wonderful if you work in the construction, electronics, or home improvement.  Really, for anyone.  If you don't work in those fields, it is nice to have an app that you can refer to whenever the occasional home improvement questions come up.   If you can stand apps, the Free version is great.  Either way, free or paid, this app is worth the download.


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  5. I frequently review Apps as part of my job but have never seen one like this! How inventive and what an amazing tool for those working in electronics, home improvement or construction. I really think it will be popular for professionals who currently have to resort to the internet of long-winded conversion tables, all of which is very time consuming.

    Helene Raymond @ Trade Squad

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