Monday, November 9, 2015

HP Prime Geometry App Tutorial Part 6: Polygons

HP Prime Geometry App Tutorial Part 6:  Polygons

Drawing a Regular Polygon

1.  Clear the Plot screen.  Press (Cmds), 4 for Polygon, 9 for Regular Polygon. 
2.  Select one corner and press [ Enter ].
3.  Select another corner point and press [ Enter ].
4.  Enter the number of sides of the regular polygon.

Drawing a General Polygon

1.  Press (Cmds), 4 for Polygon, 8 for Polygon.
2.  Start with a corner point and press [ Enter ].  Keep going choosing corner points and pressing [ Enter ]. 
3.  When you finished plotting the final corner point, press [ Enter ] one last time.  This connects the last corner point with the first corner point.   Hence, it is like go to the final point and press [ Enter ] twice.

Finding Areas of the Polygon

To recall, press (Cmds), 9 for Measure, 5 for Area.  Select a polygon (when selected they turned red) and press [ Enter ].

Next time, we will work with conic sections.   Have a great day,


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