Friday, May 6, 2016

What’s New: CALC 1 by CalcFxC, LLC

What’s New:  CALC 1 by CalcFxC, LLC

Programmer/Author:  CalcFxC, LLC
Platform:  iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
Price:  Up to $5.99 for the full, non-ad version

There is a free version, but it is with ads and you may not get all the features you want.  There are in-app purchases on the free version if you want. 

This blog entry will focus on some of the update (as of 3/24/2016). 

I reviewed the app on a previous blog entry:

To review, CALC 1 (previously named CalcFxC), has focused calculators and formula calculators.  Focused calculators are calculators that are set on a specific theme or task.  This includes the general, time value of money, statistics, conversions, and general (scientific) calculators.    Hold any key for a second, and you will see help text that applies to the key.  Formula calculators are calculators that are based on equation solving.  This includes solving percentage problems, profit margin, effective interest rate vs nominal interest rate, permutations, combinations, probability density functions, and polynomial solvers.  You can also make a customized focused or formula calculator. 

We also have Form Calculators.  These are guided calculators that answer specific questions, such as finding the monthly payment of a loan, a time value of money worksheet, an amortization worksheet (which can be copied and emailed), depreciation, and dates. 

Some of the New Features

Value Preview

This is my favorite of the new update (as of 3/24/2016) is the value preview.  Any storage register, be it the time value of money, formula register, or variables, you will see the current value of the register printed directly on the key. 

Swap Key (iPhone/iPod Touch) takes you to Currency Conversion

The swap key takes you the currency conversion and automatically takes the number on the X Stack (bottom stack) as its argument.  The best part is that the most current conversion rates are used (assuming your device is connected to the internet).  Once conversion is complete, the results are placed on the X stack.

Chain Mode

New to CALC 1 is chain mode.  Most four-function, non-scientific calculators that you find operate on Chain Mode.   Operations in chain mode work on the number in the display (x-stack) in the order you press the key, ignoring the Order of Operations.  For example:

Pressing 7 [ + ] 2 [ x ] 5 [ = ] in chain mode returns 45.  (Under Order of Operations, the 7+2*5 = 17)

CALC 1 also has Algebraic and RPN entry modes. 

Form Calculator Results are placed in History

This not only transfers single amounts but also any applicable tables.  To see the details of any Form Calculator related history item, click on the information button (the blue I in a circle).  This is useful if you want to work with a lot of what-if scenarios or if you making a set of calculations that you want to refer to at a later time. 

Please check this app out, Roger Carey has a done a solid job on this calculator. 

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