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TI-84 Plus CE: Lower Case Letters without Assembly

TI-84 Plus CE:  Lower Case Letters without Assembly

Letter Case Letters without Assembly Programs

It is possible to put letter case letters in TI-84 Plus CE programs without running an assembly program.  This is going to require the use of the TI Connect CE computer program.  I am using the Windows version and hopefully my assumption will be correct that this technique will work on the Mac version as well.

Note: You will need the TI-84 Plus CE (the newest, thinnest TI-84) for this.  The TI-84 Plus CE has a back-lit, color screen. 


1.  Connect your TI-84 Plus CE to your computer.

2.  Start up the TI Connect CE computer program.

3.  Select PROGRAM EDITOR on the left hand menu.  Next, click on New Program (the folder with the plus key) on the right.  (You can also edit programs but we'll create a new program for this demo.)

4.  Name your program.  For this example, I am going to name it DEMO.  The name can be in lower case, but the letters in the name will become upper case when the program is transferred to the TI-84 Plus CE. 

5.  Type your program.  You can use the catalog on the left to insert commands.  The Keypad section is where you insert pi (π), the store arrow (→), the square root function (√), the exponential function (e^), and the imaginary indicator to build complex numbers (i = √-1). 

We will need to type the program in the Program Editor software, not directly on the TI-84 Plus CE calculator. 

This is my demo program.

TI-84 PLUS CE Program DEMO

Disp "This is a test program."
Input "a: ",A
Input "b: ",B
Disp "Results:","a^2+b^2=",C
Disp "a^3+b^3=",D


*  Variables must still be in uppercase. 

*  You can use lower case letters with programming through the software, but Unicode characters do not transfer over. 

6.  Save your program (if you want). 

7.  If you have not already, turn on the TI-84 Plus CE.  Then send the program to your TI-84 Plus CE.  There are three ways to accomplish this task (Windows):

* Click on the Send Program to Connect Calculator icon.
* Key Ctrl+E.
* Under the Actions menu, click on the Send to Calculators menu.

If the program is accepted, you program is transferred.

8.  Run the program on your calculator.


*  Using lower case in this method requires editing on the program software, not the calculator itself.

*  You must still use single upper case letters for variables.

*  I have not been able to do Unicode characters with this method, as the calculator program will not transfer.

*  This lower case is useful for displaying messages and prompts. 


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