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HP Prime: Renaming Headers in Statistic Editors

HP Prime:  Renaming Headers in Statistic Editors

I recently received an email asking for help of how to rename columns of the Statistics Editor screen.  I was not able to figure it out myself, I then asked if anyone at the Museum of HP Calculators knew. 

Link to the HPMoC thread:

Tim Wesseman replied that you can change the header name in the statistic editor by using:

D1(-1) = " [ header name in a string ] "

This applies to D2 - D9, D0, C1 - C9, and C0.  The HP Prime uses D# in anaylzing 1 Variable Statistics and C# in analyzing 2 Variable Statistics.

In the illustration listed above, I renamed the headers for both C1 and C2 as "X DATA" and "Y DATA". 

C1(-1):="X DATA"
C2(-1):="Y DATA"

Note this only changes the header in the Numeric View of the Statistics apps (Statistics 1Var, Statistics 2Var).

Caution:  This only works for Statistics columns, not for list columns for the list editor, or the matrix columns and rows for the matrix editor.

Tyann states to clear the header, simply store an empty string.  In this example,


Thanks to Tim Wessman, Tyann, and Roger Céspedes Esteban to sending me the email (the best for your Descriptive Statistics app, Roger).


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  1. I have checked the Casiofx-CG500 and it returns the correct laplace transform and the same transform in both the numeric OS and CAS OS. My HP Prime G2 returns the correct transform in the CAS OS but it appears to return DRAC(0) for transforms in the numeric OS. Does this sound right?


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