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Review: Casio fx-300MS 2nd Edition

Review:  Casio fx-300MS 2nd Edition

General Information

Company:  Casio
Type:  Scientific - Algebra (Perfect Algebra Method)
Display: 10 digits with 2 digit exponents
Power:  Solar with battery backup (LR-44)
Memory Registers:  8: A, B, C, D, E, F, X, Y, M
Years In Production: 2019 - present
Cost:  $10 - $20 (CVS sells this for $21, the only place in Southern California that carries the fx-300MS 2nd Edition - for now (as of 4/26/2019))
Documentation:  Manual, can be found online

Also known as:  fx-85MS 2nd Edition

Quick Overview of the Features

*  Trigonometry, Exponential, Logarithms
*  Factorial (of positive integers up to 69), Combinations, Permutations
*  Evaluating Algebraic Expressions up to 79 Characters
*  Memory Arithmetic with M  (M+ and M-)
*  Multi-statement analysis (connected by a colon  ( : ))
*  Statistics including six regressions:  Linear, Logarithm, Exponential, Power, Inverse, Quadratic
*  Fractions: Simplification, conversion between mixed and improper
* Contrast setting
* Two line display: the top line is for the expression and the bottom line is displays the answer

Function wise, the fx-300MS 2nd Edition is the same as the original edition of the fx-300MS and fx-85WA.  For my review on the Casio fx-85WA, click here:

What is Different of the Second Edition?

Left:  fx-300MS,  Right:  fx-300MS 2nd Edition 

Last year, Casio introduced its revamped MS series with the goal of redesigning the calculator series. 

The MS loses its curvy shape in favor of a rounded box design, which is made to feel more comfortable when operating in the calculator in the hand. I favor this design as the 2nd Edition feels more comfortable in the hand. 

Close up of the numeric keys:  Left:  fx-300MS Plus, Right:  fx-300MS Plus 2nd Edition

The fonts on the keys are larger and the keys have better font-background ratio, which results in the keys being more readable.  The number keys are bigger hand have a charcoal black background instead of a gray background. 

The arrow keyboard is replaced with four separate arrow keys.  Instead of four rounded keys for [SHIFT], [ALPHA],[MODE], and [CLEAR], the keys are circular.  The exponent key [ EXP ] has been replaced with [ x10^x ], a trend with Casio scientific and graphing calculators.

I like the feel of the keys on the 2nd Edition a lot better than the previous edition, the keys feel more firm and steady to the touch. 

The display is similar to the previous edition, except that it is more sensitive to the touch.  Just be careful when you are handling the calculator near the display. 

Slide Case for the fx-300MS 2nd Edition

I don't know if this is first, but the MS series slide case is designed to attach and detach in two ways, so no matter where the top of the calculator is pointed, the case will fit on.  This is a really neat feature which I assume that Casio is going to continue when producing future scientific calculators. 


I like the keyboards of the 2nd Edition MS series, the calculators look more high-tech, the keyboard is firmer,  and I love the large font on the keys.  I am now looking to get the fx-991 MS 2nd Edition.  That said, if you have the original edition, there really isn't a need to trade it or be rid of it, the original edition is still adequate for use. 

I guess it boils down to a matter of preference.  If you want the 2nd Edition and can find one (especially in the United States, I may have to go online for the fx-991 MS 2nd Edition), go for it. 

Happy calculating,


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  1. I'm a lucky person who just got the [Casio fx-350MS 2nd editon] the only difference from this review version is this one don't have the Solar Power panel. I was winning the prize from Casio. Anyway the 2nd edition main difference from the previous edition is the "Drop Resistance" from the height of the table. Look like this calculator will last much longer judging from the build quality.


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