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Review: EAI-350 Scientific Calculator

Review:  EAI-350 Scientific Calculator 

Basic Facts

Type:  Scientific
Display:  Two Line:  entry on the top and result on the bottom
Power:  Solar with battery backup, LR44
Memory Registers: 8:  A,B,C,D,E,F,X,Y,M
Price: $8.67, sold online:
Documentation:  2 fold out manuals, one full manual and one short manual detailing the more advanced functions


The EAI-350 scientific calculator is similar to the Casio fx-991MS and fx-115MS.  The differences:

The keys are blue, white, and lime green.  The case is dark silver.  The keys work fine, but I don't think they are as solid as the Casio calculators.  The biggest flaw came in the keypad, I had to press the up on the keypad several times and with a firm touch.  This is not a deal breaker, just be something to aware of. 


The EAI-350 has a rich set of features.    The modes include:

*  Compute mode (general math mode)
*  Complex Mode  (arithmetic, x^2, √, Abs, arg, rectangular/polar conversions)
*  Statistics (single variable, Linear Regression, Logarithmic Regression, Exponential Regression, Power Regression, Inverse Regression, Quadratic Regression)
*  Base Operations (Decimal, Hexadecimal, Octal, Binary)
*  Equation Mode (2 x 2 and 3 x 3 linear systems, quadratic equations, cubic equations)
*  Matrices (3 matrices, up to 3 x 3)
*  Vectors (3 vectors, up to 3 elements)

One thing that I noted is that the logic functions only include AND, OR, and XOR.  Entering negative integers will require the use of the minus ([ - ]) key. 


Fractions can be entered and calculated.  Results are simplified.  Fractions can be displayed as mixed fractions or improper fractions. 


Calculus functions of the EAI-350 include the numeric integral, numeric derivative, evaluation, and a solve function.  The solve function can solve for any variable. 

Engineering Symbols

You can attach engineering symbols (powers of 10) to numbers from f (10^-15) to T (10^12). 

Constants and Conversions

The EAI-350 has 40 sets of conversions and 40 scientific constants.  You will need the fold out manual because calling the conversion and constants by numerical code.  The manual states that the constants are based on the 1992 ISO Standard and 1998  CODATA recommended values.  (a little dated)


The EAI-350 is a good alternative to the Casio calculators.  The keyboard could be more solid, but it works.  I wish I could adjust the screen contrast, so be aware of where the calculator is operated because the screen can reflect. 


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  1. Scientific calculator is very useful for Trigonometry, Calculus, and advanced mathematics subjects. There are also other calculator that are best for specific purpose such as fraction calculator for solving fraction problems. Scientific calculator is also best for Chemistry, Physics, and engineering subjects.

  2. What does it give in Calculator Forensics? There are at least two (if not three!) different MS series clones with different precision and algorithms. One of them even has the Logarithm Bug...


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