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Retro Review: Sharp EL-506A

Retro Review: Sharp EL-506A

Quick Facts:

Model:  EL-506A
Company:  Sharp
Type:  Scientific
Years:  Introduced 1985
Display:  10 digits
Batteries:  Battery, 1.5 V. 

Special thanks to Tom Manning for furnishing this calculator.  Much appreciated. 

The calculator comes in a compact folding wallet. 


The available modes are:

Decimal Mode:  This is the normal scientific calculator mode. 

The EL-506A has two memory registers, M1 and M2.   There are three keys dedicated to the memory registers:  [ x→M ] (store), [ RM ] (recall), and [ M+] (storage addition).  Memory 1 is the primary key while memory 2 is the secondary key.  Contents of the memory registers are retained even when the calculator is turned off. 

Complex Mode:  Use the [ a ] and [ b ] keys for complex number arithmetic calculations.  Rectangular and Polar conversions are included in this mode ( →xy, →rθ).  Complex mode is toggled on and off by the [ 2ndF ] [ . ].

Base Conversions:  Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal modes are toggled by the key sequences [ 2ndF ] [ ÷ ], [ 2ndF ] [ × ], and [ 2ndF ] [ - ] respectively.  When going to these modes, the number in the displayed is converted.  Boolean functions  include NOT, AND, OR, XOR, XNOR, and NEG.

3-VLE Mode:  The 3-Variable mode solves 3 x 3 systems of linear equations:

a1 * x + b1 * y + c1 * z = d1
a2 * x + b2 * y + c2 * z = d2
a3 * x + b3 * y + c3 * z = d3

The mode solves for x, y, and z, and gives the determinant of the matrix

[ [ a1, b1, c1 ]
[ a2, b2, c2 ]
[ a3, b3, c3 ] ]

The 3-VLE mode becomes a stable for advanced Sharp scientific calculators during the late 1980s and 1990s. 

The mode is toggled on and off with the [ 2ndF ] [ +/- ] sequence.

Statistics Mode:  The EL-506A has one variable statistics.  There are three functions to transform data in normal distribution calculations.

→t:  Calculates (x - μ) / σ
→t Q(t):  Calculates the area between 0 to t
→t P(t): Calculates the area between -∞ to t

The statistics mode is toggled on and off with the [ 2ndF ] [ ON/C ].  I am not a fan of this key sequence, but thankfully it works because the calculator is not solar powered. 


The keyboard is a clean design.  Despite the small keys, the keys are responsive and easy to operate. 


The EL-506A is a nice vintage calculator with several advanced features like base conversions, the normal distribution functions, and 3 x 3 linear system solver. 


"Sharp EL-506A"
Retrieved December 19, 2019


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  1. Neat caclulator I probably overlooked. I used an EL-510S for about 20 years at work. Similar, but different. I may get the EL-506A since it has some functions I'd like to use. My 510S as well as many of my old caclulators is still going strong.
    Thanks for the post.

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